Workshops for Teachers & Youth Writing Camp: Summer of 2019

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All Learning is Social and Emotional
Very often educational programs build separate curriculums for character education and social development among students. Research shows that incorporation of SEL with the standards of curriculum helps students to engage more completely with their teachers, peers, and instructional material. When we as educators can embrace the social nature of learning, we can put aside the meditation moments and see the value in teaching self-awareness, prioritization, true mindfulness, and self-regulation.
Audience: All teachers, all grades, all subject areas Facilitators: Laura Fay Cost: $80 Register online here:

Teachers as Writers Invitational Summer Institute
Join us to explore your own creative and professional writing potential and learn how to carry your expertise into the classroom. You will leave with tools for the classroom and a plan to keep you writing once you leave. Facilitators will lead discussions and encourage participants to think as writers and as teachers of writers.
This Invitational Summer Institute is at the core of NWP’s model of “teachers teaching teachers”. The institute is designed to support teachers as professionals, as researchers, and as writers. The goal of the institute is to help teachers deepen their understand-ing of the teaching of writing.
Participants will receive opportunities for continued professional development during the school year.
Participants may elect to earn 1-3 graduate credits. Contact Heather Casey if interested in this option.
Audience: All teachers, all grades, all subject areas Facilitators: Linda Biondi and Carol Hotchkiss Cost: $240 Register online here:

Building Engagement Through Escape Room Activities
Building critical thinking skills, fostering collaborative relation-ships, creating learning through discovery, and captivating attention through engagement. The demands on the classroom teacher pile up year after year and new and innovative techniques are needed to keep up with the changing needs of students. Escape rooms can bring all of these elements together in the secondary classroom. Learn to create curriculum based puzzles and activities, both virtual and physical, that will guide students through breaking codes and escaping the learning humdrum.
Audience: Middle and High School teachers, all subject areas Facilitators: Laura Fay Cost: $160 Register online here:

Reading and Writing Workshop for Upper and Middle Grades
The Workshop Model for Reading and Writing, provides teachers with an instructional framework to create a class-room environment in which students can learn and develop together. As teachers guide and facilitate learning, children develop into independent readers and writers. Join us to explore the basic principles, ideas, and organizational structure of teaching reading and writing using the Workshop Model with children in the upper and middle grades.
Teachers unfamiliar with the workshop model will prepare to launch their own workshop in the fall, while those already familiar with the model can use this course as a tune-up to get organized for the coming school year.
Audience: 5th through 8th grade teachers Facilitators: Laurell Parris Cost: $240 Register online here:

Youth Writing Camp for children entering grades 3-8
Do you miss writing class over the summer?
Would you be interested in creating and publishing an original piece of work?
Then, this eight session writing camp is for you! Discover and pursue your passion for writing at our writing camp! Work on writing of your choice, publish it for all to see, and celebrate with other students!
Teacher consultants will guide students in a small group setting to complete self-driven projects.
Publication could be a book, website or an animated video. The choices are endless. Join us this summer and have fun exploring different genres of writing!
Audience: Children entering 3rd – 8th grades (Rising 2nd graders welcome, please consult with program coordinator before enrolling to ensure it is a good fit for your young child) Facilitators: Barbara Lewis Cost: $275 Register online here: